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Anonimo: I spent my Easter Sunday reading Royai fan-fictions that are on your recommended list :) Thanks for sharing those!



Happy Easter to you! I spent my Sunday reading Royai fanfics too, so that list will be updated soon! <3


Colonel Mustang &amp; Lieutenant Riza Kawkeye
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I think that might possibly be the worst face I have ever seen you make. Can you stop, please?

I thought everyone should have Hisoka on their dash today. Sorry for giving you nightmares in advance.

Neferpitou and her fudged up tail :/

gon burns as bright as the sun, a bundle of searing smiles and happiness, and therefore it is no surprise that killua believes himself to be the moon.1. King of Carrot Flowers, Pt. 1 by Neutral Milk Hotel
2. Broken Bones by Aqualung
3. End of All Time by Stars of Track and Field
4. Noticed by MUTEMATH
5. Underwater by Mika
6. Something About Us by Daft Punk
7. Swimming Pool by Freezepop
8. Tender Mercy by Au Palais
9. Satellite by Lena Meyer-LandrutBonus Track: Jenny by Studio Killers
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